Group training  Giving a presentation in English can be particularly challenging for non-native speakers. In small, dedicated groups you will learn to set up an effective presentation, to interact with the audience and to avoid the most common pitfalls in pronunciation and intonation.

Individual feedback If you are preparing for a particular presentation, you can improve your performance by practising it with me as your coach. Feedback on pronunciation, intonation and timing will help you to improve the clarity and impact of your presentation, and it will also help you to relax and focus. As a result, you will be able to enjoy the process of giving your presentation and actually communicate with your audience.

Editorial support Preparing a well-timed presentation with clear and interesting slides takes a lot of time, and the effect should not be spoiled by mistakes in spelling or grammar. Therefore, visual aids deserve to be edited and corrected where necessary. Also, the lay-out of your charts and images may not be quite as attractive and clear for others as they are for you, which may be greatly improved by constructive feedback.