Training courses

Scientific writing in English for publication in biomedical journals

The aim of this interactive course of six sessions is to support medical scientists at every stage of writing scientific articles, from organising a bulk of information into unified paragraphs to choosing the right words, formulating readable sentences and submitting the finished article to an international peer-reviewed journal.


Goedemiddag Lisette,
Nog hartelijk dank voor de intrigerende manier van het geven van de cursus. Naast dat het erg gezellig was, draagt de cursus goed bij aan het schrijven van een artikel, en alles eromheen. Bedankt!
Groeten, Henk-Jan Boiten, Ars-assistent interne, Albert Schweitzer Ziekenhuis Dordrecht

Evaluatie Scientific Writing 2018 Catharina Ziekenhuis Eindhoven

Evaluatieformulieren enkele cursisten WFG Hoorn 2016

Evaluatie scientific writing SLAZ 2014

Totaal evaluatie door cursisten Med wetensch schrijven mrt. – mei 2011 in CZE

For 4 years, we  had the pleasure to work with Lisette van Hulst to train our students in writing scientific English texts. We have over 60 guest lecturers in the master programme Vitality & Ageing but she stands out with her dedication, enthusiasm and the energy with which she guides the students. 

David van Bodegom, coordinator Master programme Leyden Academy on Vitality and Ageing

Weekend workshop Scientific Writing for PhD students

This hands-on, highly focused writing clinic consists of a 3-hour kick-off session followed a few weeks later by a weekend packed with advice and personal support for effective scientific writing. Participants will also learn to give each other constructive peer feedback, which makes this workshop particularly suited for groups of PhD students who are working in the same academic field.


I just wanted to tell everyone that I think this weekend was really great. Rarely have I laughed so much while learning so many useful things. Sweet dreams little lambs.
Patrik Henriksson
PhD student Environmental Studies, Leiden University

Totally agree!! Writing might even become fun in the end 😉 Thanx everyone!!
Coen van der Giessen
PhD Student Environmental studies, Leiden University

Three 3-hour workshops Scientific Writing for master students

This training aims to support master students in writing and reviewing research papers and proposals. We focus on finding the right words, sentence structure and paragraph structure and explain the overall structure of a scientific proposal or research paper.

Dear Lisette,

I am Meily Setyawati, a biopharmaceutical master student who had join your academic writing course in last february at the University of Leiden. From the 3 days course you gave, I must say that you are the best english writing teacher I have ever met. I did learn really a lot from your very-short-course and I truly have a new insight about language, especially English!

Best wishes, Meily Setyawati

Felicitatiebrief_Voorzitter Opleidingscommissie Bio-Farmaceutische Wetenschappen

1-day Scientific Writing support for post-docs and supervisors

This highly condensed training aims to support experienced scientists and their supervisors in speeding up the process of writing and reviewing research papers and proposals. We focus on sentence structure and paragraph structure and demonstrate how dense, unclear of confusing texts can be literally turned around into writing that is clear, convincing and compelling.


Two 3-hour workshops Academic Writing for Master students

This short training aims to support master students of various disciplines and nationalities in writing adademic texts in English. We focus on where to find the right words, how to structure sentences and paragraphs and how to set up the overal structure of an academic paper.

Dear Lisette,

I’m Laura, a student from the Academic English writing workshop. Thanks a lot for your lecture. It really impressed me and tip no.1 (correct words) and no.5 (new info at the begining) fundamentally changed my perception of English language. Thanks to your vivid explanation, I can understand English articles much better now.

Best Regards, Laura ZHANG张婉露


Engels voor polikliniekassistenten en secretaressen

Deze training wordt op maat ontwikkeld en is vooral gericht op het verbeteren van de spreekvaardigheid aan de telefoon en in persoonlijk contact met de patiënt. Woordenschat, zinsbouw en beleefdheidsvormen komen aan bod, evenals als enkele basisaspecten van de grammatica en waar nodig de uitspraak en intonatie van het Engels. Oefengesprekken worden opgenomen op band om deelnemers specifieke feedback te kunnen geven.

Evaluatie Engels polikliniek medewerkers OLVG mei 2014