At Text and Training, we aim to support science students, PhD candidates and experienced scientists to present their work as effectively as possible in peer-reviewed articles and presentations. Not being native English speakers ourselves, we know that it can be quite a challenge to select the right words, present complicated information in readable sentences and compose paragraphs that have that wonderful English ‘flow’. However, we also know a lot of very useful tips and tricks that can help scientists to convey their research results clearly and convincingly.

Since Lisette van Hulst started Text and Training in 2009, teaching hospitals all over the Netherlands have discovered the value the first course she developed, Effective Scientific Writing for Publication in Biomedical Journals

As the workload increased, Lisette was lucky to discover that Henk Janssen was willing and also very able to take over her course at Catharina Ziekenhuis Eindhoven and Zuyderland in Sittard/Heerlen. 

In 2018, Miriam Goedkoop joined the team as a trainee. In time, she will support Lisette in teaching Scientific Writing courses for Master Students and Writing workshops for PhD candidates at Leiden University and in various teaching hospitals.